Warming Center Volunteer Opportunities

Want to volunteer?

We could not operate successfully without volunteers! Thanks to you, we were able to provide a warm and safe place for 248 unique individuals to sleep during the coldest months of the winter.

Mark your calendars for 2016- 2017 opportunities:

(November – March): Volunteer during operating hours
Saturday, September 10th: Flying Signs Fundraiser, Open House, and Supply Drive
Tuesday, September 27th: Warming Center Volunteers at the Community Café
Saturday, October 22nd: Flying Signs Fundraiser, Open House, and Supply Drive
Saturday, December 3rd: Christmas Stroll
Saturday, January 28: Warming Hut Races

Volunteering with the Warming Center is a very meaningful experience for both the volunteer and our guests.  Don’t listen to us – hear what our volunteers have to say:

  • “Relationships! That is why I come back.”
  • “As I got to know guests, they became people to me and I became real to them.”
  • “I see guests in public. Now they say Hi!”
  • “This is completely different than what I do during the day. That is why I greatly enjoy volunteering!”
  •  “When I leave I feel like I have contributed.”
  • Volunteering here causes me to learn about myself.”
  • Rachel is 17. She volunteers with her Dad. Rachel has a story to share…. “One night a guest was extra cold. I was in the middle of doing laundry when the guest asked for another blanket. I decided to put a blanket in the dryer to warm it up for her. The guest was kind of surprised and very thankful.” Weeks later, Rachel saw this guest at Wal-mart. The Guest said, “Aren’t you the girl who gave me a warm blanket.” Rachel says, “She remembered me! It was more than a warm blanket!

Please complete this form to volunteer or contact Tonya at 585-4896 or warmingcenter@thehrdc.org to volunteer:

Warming Center Volunteer Opportunties